Autonomy in Language Learning: Advising in Action

Edited by Christian Ludwig and Jo Mynard

This book explores advising in action by focusing on advising programmes and advising tools. There are 11 chapters including a foreword by Christopher Candlin. Chapters in the ‘advising programmes’ part of the book include details of ways in which support is given for learners (both inside and outside class) through the provision of advising. In addition, contributors show how the principles of advising can be applied to ongoing teacher education, and also to peer advising. In the ‘advising tools’ section of the book, contributing authors share various tools that can facilitate deep reflection on learning and the advising process, contributors also explore written advising and advisor education.

The book was produced as a result of the “Advising for Language Learner Autonomy” conference, an IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG event held at Kanda University of International Studies in Japan in November 2011. In the developing field of advising, it has become a well-referenced resource for researchers and practitioners in the field.

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Publication date: 2019 (originally published in 2012 as an ebook by IATEFL)
Ebook, $19.99 [Available from Amazon Kindle, Apple, Kobo and other ebook stores]
Print book, 283 pages, $29.99 [Available from Amazon and other online booksellers]
Series: Autonomous Language Learning
ISBN (ebook): 9780463810422
ISBN (print): 9781798999219
Series editor: Jo Mynard

Advising in action