Fostering Learner Autonomy: Learners, Teachers and Researchers in Action

Edited by Christian Ludwig, Annamaria Pinter, Kris Van de Poel, Tom Smits, Maria Giovanna Tassinari, and Elke Ruelens

This collection of papers is the result of a conference by the IATEFL Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group which was held at the University of Antwerp in Belgium in March 2016. The volume contains 16 chapters that bring together language learner autonomy and the complex and multifaceted concept of action research.The main aim of action research is to find answers to everyday, real problems and to bring about immediate change in practice for participants. Developing learner autonomy is an ongoing process (of negotiation) between teachers and learners. Language learner autonomy is not solely the responsibility of the teacher but also depends on the learners’ active participation and requires them to play a pro-active role in the whole process of learning. This volume shows that learner autonomy is both a prerequisite and ultimate goal of (action) research. In other words, learner autonomy provides the necessary framework for classroom action research in the broadest sense in which learners not only play an active role, but become (action) researchers themselves.

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