The Answer is Learner Autonomy: Issues in Language Teaching and Learning

Edited by Anja Burkert, Leni Dam and Christian Ludwig

This volume is the result of the two-day conference on language learner autonomy, “The answer is autonomy: issues in language teaching and learning”, which was held in Graz, Austria in June 2012. Through its 16 chapters plus a foreword by Ema Ushioda, the book explores themes such as the role of technology in autonomous learning environments; language learner autonomy and its demands on the teacher; language learner autonomy and the power of beliefs; new perspectives on (peer) evaluation and assessment, and the role of the institution in everyday classroom practice.

Since its original release, this volume has been considered to have made a notable contribution to the field of learner autonomy. Although undoubtedly there have been many changes in circumstances, ideas, and programmes since the original publication of this book in 2013, it has been republished it ‘intact’ in order to offer a true account of the field at the time of the Graz event.

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Publication date: 2019 (originally published in 2013 as an ebook by IATEFL)
Ebook, $19.99 [Available from Amazon Kindle, Apple, Kobo and other ebook stores]
Print book, 296 pages, $29.99 [Available from Amazon and other online booksellers]
Series: Autonomous Language Learning
ISBN (ebook): 9780463651179
ISBN (print): 9781091022294
Series editor: Jo Mynard

The answer is learner autonomy