Call for proposals – PCE 2020

April 17, 2020 – Manchester

LASIG is now accepting proposals for our 2020 Pre-Conference Event in Manchester. To submit a proposal, use the form at the bottom of this page.

2020 PCE title: Defining and contextualizing language learner autonomy: theory and practice

PCE Abstract: There seems to be a growing tendency for ‘autonomy’ and ‘autonomous’ to be used without much awareness of their history in language teaching theory and practice. The 2020 PCE will address this issue. Our plenary speaker, David Little, of Trinity College Dublin, will define language learner autonomy for the 21st century, explaining where his definition comes from, how it is supported by empirically grounded theory, and what it implies for language teaching and learning, whether in classrooms, self-access centres or online learning environments. The remainder of the day will explore the challenges that this definition is likely to pose in different educational contexts and geographical locations. An interactive poster session will provide opportunities to find out about learner autonomy projects in different countries; a workshop will introduce tried and tested approaches to motivating and empowering learners of all ages, from all backgrounds and at all proficiency levels; and a world café will give participants a chance to discuss possible solutions to the challenges they face in their particular context. We’re looking forward to interactive discussions and to generating new ideas with you in Manchester.

Call for proposals:

We warmly invite you to submit a proposal for a poster or a workshop for LASIG’s PCE. We are especially interested in posters which address:

  • How learner autonomy is addressed in your institution or practice
  • Learner autonomy projects in different contexts (educational, geographical…)
  • How to ensure learners are in the driver’s seat of their learning
  • Specific activities, tasks, projects, etc. that you have done in your classroom
  • etc.

All posters will be presented during a 45-minute session in which attendees can circulate and ask questions about the posters. A workshop is also 45 minutes and should be very interactive – the emphasis is on audience participation.

Deadline for proposals is December 1, 2019.

We will notify you by late December whether your presentation has been accepted and will send further details regarding the poster format (size, layout, etc.) or workshop content.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposal.

Best wishes

Leni Dam, Christian Ludwig, Lawrie Moore, PCE organisers

Submit your proposal:

Data privacy: we will only use your contact information for the purposes of contacting you about your proposal. We will not contact you, use or save any of your data for any other purpose. Your contact information will be deleted after it has been used for the sole purpose of contacting you about your proposal.

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