Committee members

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Joint Coordinator & PCE Organiser

Christian Ludwig is currently substitute professor for Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University of Bielefeld, Germany. His teaching and research interests include enhancing learner autonomy in the EFL classroom as well as computer-assisted language learning. His main focus of research lies in the reconstruction of gender and other identities in contemporary young… Continue reading Joint Coordinator & PCE Organiser

Joint Coordinator & PCE Organiser

Lawrie Moore-Walter is an American lecturer and teacher trainer who has been living in Austria since 1997. She teaches ESP and EAP at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. Lawrie’s passion is teacher training and she is the Main Course Tutor for CELTA courses in Austria. She especially enjoys supporting new EFL teachers in… Continue reading Joint Coordinator & PCE Organiser

PCE Organiser & Marketing Officer

Leni Dam, former LASIG coordinator and co-coordinator for 6 years together with Lienhard Legenhausen, was for forty years a teacher in a Danish comprehensive school developing language learner autonomy in her English classes. At the same time, she was an in-service teacher trainer and school developer at University College for Copenhagen and North Zealand. She… Continue reading PCE Organiser & Marketing Officer

Webinar Organiser

Giovanna Tassinari is Director of the Centre for Independent Language Learning at the Language Centre of the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. She works as language advisor and as teacher trainer. Her research interests are learner autonomy, language advising, and emotion and feelings in language learning. She is co-editor of several books and author of articles… Continue reading Webinar Organiser

Publications Officer

Jo Mynard is a Professor, Director of the Self-Access Learning Center, and Director of the Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education at Kanda University of International studies in Japan. She has an M.Phil. in Applied Linguistics from Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland and an Ed.D. in TEFL from the University of Exeter, UK. Her research… Continue reading Publications Officer

Membership Officer & Blog Editor

Micòl Beseghi teaches English Language and Translation at the University of Parma, Italy, where she also works as a language advisor. She holds a PhD in Comparative Languages and Cultures from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Her main research interests and publications include learner autonomy in foreign language learning, language advising and the role… Continue reading Membership Officer & Blog Editor

SIG Showcase Day Organiser

Lienhard Legenhausen is Professor Emeritus of Language Pedagogy and Applied Linguistics at the University of Münster, Germany. His research interests include the study of learner language, technology-enhanced language learning as well as learner-centred approaches to classroom learning/teaching. Together with Leni Dam, Denmark, he started the LAALE project (Language Acquisition in an Autonomous Learning Environment) in… Continue reading SIG Showcase Day Organiser

SIG Showcase Day Organiser & Blog Editor

Sandro John Amendolara teaches Autonomous Language Learning Modules (ALMS), Intercultural-Communication and Academic Writing to Masters and Doctoral students at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He has been deeply absorbed by Leaner Autonomy for well over a decade, and has been a member of the LASIG committee since Spring 2016.

Local Events Organiser

Katja Heim is a Senior Lecturer (Akademische Rätin) at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. In 2007, she received her PhD in the field of EFL Methodology, the focus being on promoting Learner Autonomy in Primary English Teaching. Learner Autonomy is still at the core of her research interests, often in combination with the use of… Continue reading Local Events Organiser


Fumiko Murase is an Associate Professor at Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan, where she teaches EGP courses for undergraduate students. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from Macquarie University, Australia. Her research interests include learner autonomy in language learning, assessment and out-of-class learning in the EFL context.

Social Media Manager & Newsletter Editor

Djalal Tebib, originally from Algeria, is an experienced EFL teacher and aspiring writer/novelist. He holds a PhD in learner autonomy and creative writing from the University of Constantine, Algeria. Currently, Djalal teaches General English to both adult and young learners along with Business and Medical English to professionals. His research interests include educational technology, ELT… Continue reading Social Media Manager & Newsletter Editor

Reviews & Reflections Editor

Diane Malcolm, from Canada, was formerly Head of the English Unit at Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain, where she taught English to first year medical students for many years and established a self-access centre. She has a Doctor of Applied Linguistics degree from Macquarie University, Sydney, and has also taught ESL/EFL in Canada, Portugal and Saudi… Continue reading Reviews & Reflections Editor

Newsletter Editor

Michelle Tamala, Australia, has extensive experience both as a teacher and learner of second languages. She commenced her teaching career as a teacher of  languages other than English in the Australian secondary school system. More recently Michelle managed EAP courses; teaching as well as designing curriculum and syllabus. A significant part of her career was… Continue reading Newsletter Editor

Newsletter Editor

Gamze Sayram has a background in TESOL and Applied Linguistics. Her research interests include learner autonomy, creativity, socio-cognitive linguistics, computer-assisted-language learning and teacher and professional development. She works at the Macquarie University English Language Centre in Sydney, Australia, teaching various courses for post-graduate students, coordinating programs and mentoring practicum teachers.

Newsletter Editor

Linda Ghout-Khenoune is a lecturer and a researcher at the Department of English, University of Béjaia, Algeria. Linda is very passionate about English language learning and teaching. She has special interest in her students’ EFL culture of learning as well as their capacity to learn autonomously. In her classes, she does her best to create… Continue reading Newsletter Editor