Reforming the foreign language classroom – empowering students to take ownership II

Together with IATEFL LASIG, the English Language Teaching Section of the Department of English and American Studies at Technische Universität Braunschweig will host a one-day conference on autonomy in language learning.

Please join us for our local LASIG Event “Reforming the foreign language classroom – empowering students to take ownership II” held at the Braunschweig University – Institute of Technology in Braunschweig, Germany on September 6, 2019. This second event in a series will focus on language learning in school settings that already provide learners with some responsibility for their learning in so-called alternative schools and schools that have taken their first steps towards supporting Learner Autonomy. At the kick-off event in Essen we formed networks for implementing ideas developed there. The goal for Braunschweig will be to take the community a step further, giving them the opportunity to present findings from their networks and to share insights and materials. New contributions that support the development and spread of Learner Autonomy in school settings as well as teacher education are welcome.

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