Local Conference, Brno

The teacher’s role in development of learner autonomy

 21-22 September, 2018

This IATEFL / LASIG conference will explore the specific and ever-changing role that the language teacher plays within the context of autonomous learning. Our main themes include Personalized Learning, Counselling and Empowering Students as we think that redefining the teacher’s role is necessarily interlinked with an emphasis on students’ needs. We wish to bring together teachers and teacher trainers at primary, secondary as well as tertiary levels to uncover a variety of approaches to the development of learner autonomy. We believe that support and encouragement of autonomous learning is a crucial task for teachers nowadays and that this focus can serve as an umbrella term for a number of related methods and pedagogical trends that are still quite new in the educational context of Central and Eastern Europe.

The conference will feature presentations and workshops on various aspects of learner autonomy. In addition, a session for individual sharing and networking is scheduled to give everyone a chance to participate informally.

For more information, visit the event’s website.

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