Plenary speaker: Sarah Mercer

PCE 2022: Affect, well-being, and autonomy in language learning and teaching

16 May 2022 10:00-16:30 in Belfast, Northern Ireland

We are pleased to share that Sarah Mercer will be our plenary speaker.

Sarah MercerSarah Mercer is Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria, where she is Head of ELT methodology. Her research interests include all aspects of the psychology surrounding the foreign language learning and teaching experience. She is the author, co-author and co-editor of several books in this area including, ‘Exploring Psychology for Language Teachers’ (Winner of the IH Ben Warren Prize), ‘Engaging language learners in contemporary classrooms’ (ELTon Finalist 2021), and ‘Teacher Wellbeing’ (ELTon Finalist 2021). She is currently vice-president of the International Association for the Psychology of Language Learning (IAPLL), and co-editor of Multilingual Matters’ Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching book series.