Postponed: ILA-LASIG 2020: Developing Learner Autonomy in Language Learning

Due to COVID-19, we have suspended registrations for this event. More information will follow mid-April.

National Autonomous University of Mexico
National School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation

The National School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation  of the National Autonomous University of Mexico through the Mediateca  invites to Independent Learning Association Conference – ILA 2020 in collaboration with the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) & Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group (LASIG) with the theme “Developing Learner Autonomy in Language Learning”.

Poster MexicoThis three-day conference will take place in the facilities of the National School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation from June 29 to July 1st, 2020. The main aim of the event is to offer the national and international community of academics and practitioners interested in autonomous language learning an environment for a fruitful exchange of ideas and best practices. It will provide a platform for reflection and the opening of potential future collaborations and professional networks. 

The conference will focus primarily on the following themes:

  • Activity design for Learner Autonomy in the classroom
  • Learner Development
  • Language Advising
  • Digital tools / media 
  • Material development 
  • Reflection on good practices 
  • Teacher / Students roles
  • Curriculum / Syllabus design
  • Learning beyond the classroom  

We welcome the following presentation formats: 

Talk (20 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A): The presenter delivers his/her research, explains best practices and experiences, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.

Pecha Kucha (6min40sec + 10 minutes Q&A): An individual oral presentation that consists of showing 20 slides for 20 seconds each. Question and answer session will take place in a different room after each presentation. 

Panel Discussion (45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A): A group of papers in which participants address experiences and visions on the same topic or problem.

Workshop (90 minutes): This can be led by one or two presenters. It should include a set of practical and interactive activities that involve problem-solving or skills training. The practical part should be introduced by a brief presentation of the theoretical foundations. 

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