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About learner autonomy

The following introduction to learner autonomy is taken from the book Learner-Controlled Tasks for the Autonomy Classroom: A Teacher’s Resource Book by Christian Ludwig and Lawrie Moore-Walter, published by Candlin and Mynard. Find out more about this book. Learner autonomy has been a key issue in foreign language learning since the end of the 1970s… Continue reading About learner autonomy

Publications and further reading

Autonomous Language Learning Series Burkert, A., Dam, L., & Ludwig, C. (Eds.) (2019). The Answer is learner autonomy: Issues in language teaching and learning. (First published in 2013 as an ebook by IATEFL). Hong Kong: Candlin & Mynard. Everhard, C.J, Mynard, J., with Smith, R. (Eds.) (2019). Autonomy in language learning. Opening a can of… Continue reading Publications and further reading

LASIG newsletter – past issues

Below you can download selected past issues of LASIG’s newsletter. Starting with issue 83, the name of the newsletter is Autonomy. Autonomy 83 (Jan-Feb 2023) Independence 82 (December 2021) Independence issue 81 (Feb-March 2021) Addendum to reference list on page 10 Independence issue 78 (Feb-March 2020) Independence issue 75 (Feb-March 2019) Independence issue 72 (Feb-March 2018)… Continue reading LASIG newsletter – past issues

Tech Talks

Tech Talks, by long-time Independence contributor Lucius Von Joo, are an integral part of LASIG’s newsletter. Each issue, Lucius provides readers with valuable resources which he describes in useful detail. Lucius Von Joo currently teaches for Kanda University of International Studies, Japan. He holds an Ed.M. in Comparative and International Education and has teaching experience… Continue reading Tech Talks