Braunschweig Video Reflections

Here you can watch delegates talking about the LASIG conference on September 6, 2019: Reforming the foreign language classroom – empowering students to take ownership II. The second event in a series focused on language learning in school settings that already provide learners with some responsibility for their learning in so-called alternative schools and schools that have taken their first steps towards supporting Learner Autonomy.

Raúl Rodriguez reflects on his experiences at the conference:


Adam Zeisek reflects on David Little’s plenary, Developing language learner autonomy: from identity and dialogue to empowerment and proficiency:

Diana Brown adds her thoughts about David’s plenary:

Lars Andersen and Jacob Chammon reflect on Dale Jones’ talk, Touchy subject? Bringing learners’ video game experiences into the EFL classroom:


Maria Marcsek-Fuchs reflects on Wiebke Harms’ presentation InTeC-Pro (Innovative Teacher Training – Creating the Professional Self) – implementing logbooks at university:


Marta Hanes reflects on Tajan Abdulla’s workshop The performative makerspace – using green screens in the EFL classroom:


Sandra Fernández reflects on Christian Ludwig’s workshop, “Read, read, read.” Working with literature in the autonomy classroom: