LASIG 2021 scholarship winner

We are pleased to announce that Natallia Narkevich is LASIG’s 2021 scholarship winner. Natallia will be giving a presentation, Using Digital Tools To Encourage Learner Autonomy, at our PCE.

In this presentation, Natallia will share her expertise of using a variety of digital tools to promote learner autonomy outside the classroom and will demonstrate some digital resources that proved to be effective not only for language development, but also as a basis for autonomous learning. She will also present her experience as a Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement program  grantee and provide resources for further exploration.

About Natallia

NatalliaNatallia has been an ESL teacher since 2006. She is a teacher trainer and coordinator of a summer camp for talented students and an active participant in the local teaching community. She promotes the ideas of CPD among teachers and contributes to the development of digital education in her area. In 2020, she was part of the Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program at the University of Arkansas.