Mini presentations

LASIG’s PCE will feature a number of mini presentations. The following are our presenters:

aishowarzaAishowarza Manik: Consolidating vocabulary of students of Chinese in an autonomous learning context outside the classroom
This qualitative study reveals the impact of an autonomous learning context on the enhancement of learners’ existing knowledge of Chinese language vocabulary beyond the classroom.

 MicolMicòl Beseghi: Using translation for learner autonomy
I will show how using authentic translation tasks in the foreign language classroom can be beneficial in terms of harnessing learners’ autonomous behaviour and creating a collaborative learning environment as well as a community of practice.

AnjaAnja Burkert: Between worlds: learners’ perceptions of themselves as learners and teachers
My poster shows the findings of a small-scale qualitative study exploring my students‘ perceptions of themselves both as learners (in my classroom) and student teachers in their school internships

AdelinaAdelina Ruiz Guerrero: Transformational advising and Ignatian style accompanying to support autonomy
This poster presents the convergence points between two approaches that foster autonomy in learners, where the main focus is in supporting the development of a person’s discerning abilities.

LeenaLeena Karlsson: Memories maketh … the autonomous learner?
In my poster presentation I describe a peer-to-peer group, Down Memory Lane, and discuss the rationale for a memory-work group (e.g. Frigga Haug) as an offering on an autonomous English course for university students. I then share episodes of reminiscing from a recent group and the prompts used.

GamzeGamze Sayram: Autonomous Language Learning Experiences Beyond the University Classroom
This project explores the interconnected relationship between out-of-class learning and in-class learning (Benson, 2007; Benson & Reinders, 2011) and the role of out-of-class learning on autonomous language learning development.