Just connect them! Creating new landscapes for ALL

This interactive workshop, led by Carmen Becker and Annika Albrecht, will start with a short survey through which participants reflect their own learning spaces for foreign language learning. Participants will then gain an insight into the authentic foreign language development of a case study; this will serve as a basis for subsequent reflection in small groups on the subject of learning landscapes where participants will exchange ideas about how they perceive the learning landscapes of their learners and generate ideas to integrate these into their own contexts.

About Carmen and Annika

CarmenCarmen is a Professor of English Language Education at TU Braunschweig in Germany. In her research she focuses on task development for multilingual foreign language teaching as well as learning for autonomy in prepared learning environments. She coordinates the first ELT Makerspace at her university.

AnnikaAnnika is the principal of the secondary school at the Freie Montessori Schule Berlin/ Germany and a certified Montessori teacher. She has 16 years of autonomous foreign language learning experience in different Montessori schools in grades 1-10. She develops foreign language materials for autonomy in prepared learning environments and has implemented an ELT Makerspace at her school.

Student logbooks: A new paradigm for language teaching

At this workshop by Frank Lacey you will be actively involved just like students in an autonomous class. We’ll start with an introduction explaining how important student logbooks are to language learning and not just autonomy. After that you will work in small groups with authentic student logbooks and you will be encouraged to ask all the questions you may have about autonomy in real life, in a real classroom, with real learners.

About Frank

Frank is rather passionate about a lot of things but especially about his teaching and autonomy. Frank is a teacher in Copenhagen. For the past 15 years he has worked with 10-16-year-ol mixed-ability students. Frank holds courses and workshops for teachers and has a regular column in the LASIG publication Independence.