Pre-Conference Event 2019, Liverpool

LASIG’s Pre-Conference Event (PCE) 2019 is taking place on April 1, 2019 in Liverpool. The PCE, titled Supporting educators in developing language learner autonomy, will focus on the key question of how educators can be supported in developing language learner autonomy.

The intention is – as always – to create an interactive day resulting in an increased impact of language learner autonomy not only on everyday language learning environments, but also on research-related issues.

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More information about the 2019 PCE

Supporting educators in developing language learner autonomy It is exactly four decades ago that the ‘foundation document’ of learner autonomy was published by the Council of Europe (cf. Holec 1978). Although the term ‘learner autonomy’ has been a buzz word in the literature on language learning and teaching ever since, the implementation of its basic… Continue reading More information about the 2019 PCE

2019 PCE Plenary speakers

LASIG’s 2019 PCE will feature two plenary speakers: Ema Ushioda, Warwick, who will be talking about ‘Motivational perspectives when developing language learner autonomy’ and Giovanna Tassinari, Berlin, who will be giving a talk on ‘Opening spaces for learning: language advising for autonomy’. About Ema’s plenary: Motivational perspectives when developing language learner autonomy The development of language… Continue reading 2019 PCE Plenary speakers

PCE programme

LASIG’s 2019 PCE will feature a several acclaimed speakers in the field of learner autonomy. We hope you can join us. Sponsored by: 10.00-17.00 Supporting educators in developing language learner autonomy LASIG pre-conference event – 1st April 2019 10.00 Welcome and opening of the day 10.15 Ema Ushioda, Warwick University: Motivational perspectives when developing language… Continue reading PCE programme

PCE workshop and practical session

LASIG’s PCE will feature a workshop and a practical session, in addition to plenary speakers and interactive poster presentations. Workshop: April 1, 13:30-14:15 Affective, Cognitive, Metacognitive, and Practical Tools for Supporting Teachers in Promoting Learner Autonomy Jo Mynard and Scott J. Shelton-Strong, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan During Jo and Scott’s workshop, you will… Continue reading PCE workshop and practical session

2019 PCE Poster Presentations

As a part of our 2019 pre-conference event in Liverpool, we will be featuring six poster presentations. The presentations will be interactive and visitors will have plenty of time to ask questions and get to know the presenters. Leena Karlsson/Kenneth Kidd, Finland:  We will share episodes and experiences from the past, present and future of… Continue reading 2019 PCE Poster Presentations