2019 PCE Poster Presentations

As a part of our 2019 pre-conference event in Liverpool, we will be featuring six poster presentations. The presentations will be interactive and visitors will have plenty of time to ask questions and get to know the presenters.

Leena Karlsson/Kenneth Kidd, Finland: 
We will share episodes and experiences from the past, present and future of our local practice, Peer Group Mentoring, as a way of inspiring and supporting language counsellor autonomy.

Leena and Kenneth
Leena Karlsson and Kenneth Kidd

Carmen Becker/Wiebke Harms, Germany:
InTeC-Pro (Innovative Teacher Training – Creating the Professional Self) – Fostering Learner Autonomy in Foreign Language Teacher Education
Our poster will explore and illustrate a concept for developing autonomy in teacher education by implementing multimodal logbooks at university. First findings stem from a small-scale study following action research.

Carmen and Wiebke
Carmen Becker and Wiebke Harms

Wen Wang, China:
Many language teachers hold their own beliefs about learner autonomy. By examining these beliefs, we may shed light on how to effectively promote learner autonomy in a particular teaching context.

Wen Wang

Daya Datwani, Hong Kong:
Hong Kong University’s Self-Access Centre has evolved, physically, structurally and functionally. These changes include collaboration with other units and diversified services which makes our support more popular and accessible to learners.

Daya Oct 2018
Daya Datwani

Katja Heim, Germany:
Practise what you preach? Steps towards Shaping Teacher Education for Learner and Teacher Autonomy
The poster will show samples of practice from university based teacher education courses. Those samples illustrate different strategies of enabling future teachers to become more autonomous and to also support their students’ autonomy.

Katja Heim

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