More information about the 2019 PCE

Supporting educators in developing language learner autonomy

It is exactly four decades ago that the ‘foundation document’ of learner autonomy was published by the Council of Europe (cf. Holec 1978). Although the term ‘learner autonomy’ has been a buzz word in the literature on language learning and teaching ever since, the implementation of its basic principles i.e. supporting learners in developing the ability to direct their own learning in and through their target language leaves much to be desired. We know that there are several reasons for this state of affairs. Most important is probably the reluctance and scepticism of practising educators to move into the unknown as basic educational changes tend to cause misgivings. The question is how educators can be supported in and when developing language learner autonomy? We are happy to announce that Prof. Ema Ushioda, University of Warwick, will be our first plenary speaker, opening the day with her talk: ‘Motivational perspectives when developing language learner autonomy’. Her talk will be followed up by a workshop, dealing with issues raised by the plenary.

After lunch, the day will continue with a talk by Dr. Giovanna Tassinari on ‘Opening spaces for learning: language advising for autonomy’, and informal interactive poster sessions, providing answers and/or solutions to the misgivings of practitioners wanting to develop learner autonomy (further details to be announced).

The intention is – as always – to create an interactive day resulting in an increased impact of language learner autonomy not only on everyday language learning environments, but also on research-related issues.

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