PCE programme

LASIG’s 2019 PCE will feature a several acclaimed speakers in the field of learner autonomy. We hope you can join us.

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10.00-17.00 Supporting educators in developing language learner autonomy
LASIG pre-conference event – 1st April 2019
10.00 Welcome and opening of the day
10.15 Ema Ushioda, Warwick University:
Motivational perspectives when developing language learner autonomy.
Read more about Ema’s plenary
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Follow-up on Ema’s talk: Small-group discussions, forming questions for Ema. Questions will be displayed on the big screen for Ema to answer.
12.10 Introduction of poster presentations: Leena Karlsson/Kenneth Kidd, Finland; Carmen Becker/Wiebke Harms, Germany; Wen Wang, China; Daya Datwani, Hong Kong; Katja Heim, Germany.
Read more about the poster presentations
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Jo Mynard and Scott J.Shelton Strong, Japan:
Affective, cognitive, metacognitive, and practical tools for supporting teachers in promoting learner autonomy (Workshop)
Read more about Jo and Scott’s workshop
14.15 Viewing the posters and meeting the poster presenters
15.00 Coffee break/Talking to poster presenters
15.30 Giovanna Tassinari, Berlin:
Opening spaces for learning: language advising for autonomy?
Read more about Giovanna’s plenary
16.10 Micòl Beseghi and Greta Bertolotti, Italy:
Practical session: Activities for reducing students’ anxiety and fear of failure
Read more about Micòl and Greta’s practical session
16.30 Winding up and feedback:
What was good/not so good and ideas/topics for next year’s PCE.
17.00 End of day