Reforming the foreign language classroom

Empowering students to take ownership III

September 2022 (exact date TBA)

Please join us for this LASIG event organized by the Montessori Campus Berlin Köpenick- Germany. This third event in a series will focus on inclusive language learning in school settings that already provide learners with some responsibility for their learning. The organizers of this initiative come from different institutions (Montessori Foundation Berlin, University of Duisburg-Essen, University of Braunschweig) and are inspired by the wish to discuss the potentials and challenges of learning and teaching English in autonomous learning scenarios with likeminded people.

We welcome talks as well as research-based presentations on samples of good practice. Please be prepare to present on Zoom, as the event will be held online. Please use our registration form (see conference website) to send in your abstract (200-300 words) on any of the following sub-areas of the overarching topic Autonomous Language Learning: inclusion and special needs.

  • inclusion in the autonomous foreign language classroom
  • autonomy in highly heterogenous classrooms
  • autonomy in special needs classrooms
  • multilingual learning environments
  • pluri culture learning environments
  • learner profiles and interests
  • merging learning landscapes
  • oracy in open learning scenarios
  • learner-initiated curricula,
  • the roles of the teacher
  • material and task development
  • A good autonomy classroom experience (max. 3 minutes) – sharing experiences‘ is a possibility. Please indicate the specific area of interest on the registration form.

Contact Details:
Montessori Stiftung Berlin
Applications for Talks or Posters should be sent to:

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