Teacher Autonomy in the EFL Classroom: How to Teach Ourselves to Fish for a Lifetime

Webinar with Ebru Sınar Okutucu and Metin Esen

15 January 2022, 9.00 UK time (online)

Teacher autonomy is one of the most recent research areas in the ELT field, and it is clear that this concept is as vital to an effective language education in the classroom as learner autonomy. However, it is not an easy term to come up with an exact definition for, and this might require us to differentiate the truth from misconceptions such as associating teacher autonomy with ‘teaching free from constraints’. It is obvious that this confusion mainly stems from a lack of distinction between teaching (and teacher autonomy) and teacher-learning (and teacher-learner autonomy). In this frame, this online workshop aims to make participants more familiar with the concept of teacher autonomy in comparison with the misunderstandings/misuses of it; help participants better reflect on to what degree they are autonomous; and provide teachers with hands-on/practical tools/activities which can be used in a real classroom setting.

Ebru Sınar Okutucu is an English instructor and a learning advisor at AYBU, SFL. She graduated from Gazi University ELT Department and holds a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Gazi University. Her interests include PD, integrating critical thinking skills into EFL settings, educational leadership, advising in language learning and learner autonomy.

Metin Esen is an instructor of English at Sabancı University, School of Languages. He holds an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction at Bilkent University, and DELTA Diploma by Cambridge University Assessment. He is also doing a PhD in ELT at METU. His interests are TEFL, EAP, professional development, teacher training, advising in language learning, and technology in language education.