Webinar: Learning from each other—Teletandem: an environment for enhancing autonomy

Webinar with Maria de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel

November 18, 2019, 6pm UK time
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Abstract: In 1998, Mediateca implemented tandem methodology to offer learners a chance to practice and develop their speaking skills with speakers from universities abroad. Since then, this project has grown and now offers these activities to students of French, Chinese, English, Korean German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.

Research has found out that teletandem can enhance the development of learner autonomy since it activates learning and communication strategies in learners (Peña, 2010; Telles, 2006). Intercultural competences are also developed. However, some kind of learner training beforehand needs to be provided if we want students be responsible for their learning.

The talk will give a brief account of the tandem methodology and principles. It will discuss how we have implemented these sessions in the self-access centre and the instruments and activities that students perform during the teletandem sessions.

Bio: Maria de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel has been the Coordinator of the Self Access Centre at the School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation-UNAM, Mexico since 2017. She has been a tutor on the Online Diploma Course for Self-Access Language Learning Advisors since 2001. Her main interests are researching teletandem, agency, identity and autonomy in language learners. She is also interested in the use of technology to promote learner autonomy and language learning.

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