Editorial team

LASIG’s editorial team is responsible for preparing and publishing our newsletter, Independence. The editors source contributions, coordinate with writers, proofread articles, and prepare them for publishing. You can get in touch with LASIG’s editorial team here.

LASIG editors:

Jon Thomas is a university lecturer in the field of EFL, as well as content creator and lecturer in ESP for the hospitality industry in Japan. He holds an MBA, an MEd in post-secondary studies, and is preparing for a doctorate’s degree in global studies in education. His research interests include constructivism, technology in the classroom, and CLIL. He has experience as an event planner for a regional chapter of JALT proofreader/editor of research papers, and educational consultant.

Michelle Tamala, Australia, has extensive experience both as a teacher and learner of second languages. She commenced her teaching career as a teacher of languages other than English in the Australian secondary school system. More recently Michelle managed EAP courses; teaching as well as designing curriculum and syllabus. A significant part of her career was managing Independent Learning Centres at University pathway language centres, designing spaces and resources as well as organising teacher education and workshops for students. The development of Learner Autonomy, in specially designed spaces as well as through curriculum design and the appropriate use of digital technologies has been an ongoing interest and driving force in Michelle’s approach to learning, and teaching. Currently, Michelle is engaged in editing projects and online assessment.

Tracie MacKenzie is Co-Director of the Academic Literacies Program at Franklin University Switzerland, where her interests are focused on the teaching of writing, learner training and development, and sociolinguistics. She has also worked extensively as an editor for publications from the Catholic University of Milan. Originally from the US,  she has lived in Italy since 1993.