Webinar: Promoting interaction and dialogue in the university classroom

Webinar with Anja Burkert
June 1, 2019, 10am GMT

It is widely accepted nowadays that interaction and collaboration are essential features of effective classroom learning. In line with this belief, I have established in my university classroom a learning community in which sharing thoughts and ideas plays a key role. Thus, it can be assumed that learners jointly construct meaning and understanding by using language as a means of thinking and learning together (Barnes, 1976; Mercer, 1995).

In this webinar, I will describe my teaching/learning context and the pedagogical approach followed, which is guided by principles of learner autonomy. I will show how I encourage my students to get actively and critically involved in their learning, despite the multiple constraints which exist in my teaching environment. I will particularly address the central idea behind this approach which consists in creating a dialogue between students and teacher and among students themselves.

Anja Burkert is a teacher of English (and French) at the University of Graz, Austria. She holds a Ph.D. in language teaching methodology and is especially interested in the promotion of learner autonomy among her students and the use of English for academic purposes. She obtained a teaching award from her university in 2010. In 2008, she joined the committee of the LASIG (Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group) of IATEFL and is currently serving as LASIG showcase and local events organiser.

Follow this link to join the webinar: https://iatefl.adobeconnect.com/_a875541554/lasigwebinars/

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